Are you ready to take your online business to the next level of visibility? Get ready to take the first steps in growing your know-like-trust factor amongst your ideal clients in collaboration with industry experts. 

Say Farewell To Slow Growth
Start Your Summit Hosting Journey


Are you ready to take your online business to the next level of visibility? Get ready to take the first steps in growing your know-like-trust factor amongst your ideal clients in collaboration with industry experts. 

Say Farewell To Slow Growth
Start Your Summit Journey

Enter The Fast Lane In Your Online Business

Are you hearing that a summit is an excellent method to move your business in the fast lane.


  • you do not know where to start
  • you do not know what hosting a summit entails
  • you want to know what all the pieces that make up a summit are

You are intrigued to learn how to run a summit, and interested to know what the components of a well-run summit are. You are afraid you will miss out on an amazing opportunity for your business if you do not give it a try.

Say Farewell To Slow Growth And Move Into The Fast Lane.

Imagine if you had everything you needed at your fingertips.

What If:

  • before the summit, you had a structure for your summit prep work
  • during the summit, you had a format of your summit days
  • and after the summit, you had a plan for
    post-summit actions all in one place

Imagine if you knew exactly what you need to do to have a successful summit.

Only with this course will you get the whole picture and list of actionable steps to get you started on your summit hosting journey. 

See all the pieces that make a summit your most beneficial marketing tactic.
Imagine getting rid of the nagging feeling of looking around at others who make it look so easy when you have so much more to offer yet can’t get in front of the right people to showcase your expertise.

Skip the heartache of knowing you can help more people with your expertise, yet you do not know how to get in front of them in an effective manner.

Start Your Summit Journey

Hosting A Summit Can Help You Move Your Online Business Into The Express Lane! 

Maybe you have experienced the same thing?

You know your content is gold.

You know you can help so many people, yet you have not yet built yourself to be the go-to person in your area of expertise.

Let’s Stop That And Make It Happen For You.

Get access to organized actionable steps to prepare
you to be a summit host.
Enjoy the ease of growing your business. 
Gather the answers to all your questions and ask yourself are you cut out to be a summit host. Look at the sheer volume of work that goes into
hosting a summit and be confident that you have it all covered.

Be in the know, be in control. Run a Spectacular Summit.

Start Your Summit Hosting Journey

Here Is What Other's Say About Working With Us:

You're so professional. It just all seemed to run so smoothly. And it's such a slick act. I've taken part in another summit before and it was so different. It's just wonderful the way you've done it all. So thank you.

Tracey Lopez

Everything was just so smooth, it was so easy. It was like: Okay, this is where you go. This is where you put your video. And what I was so impressed by was just how much value you gave to the participants The value(...) was just very impressive.

Denise Suarez


"Start Your Summit Journey Mini Course"

Here's What You'll Learn:

Summit Outline
Module 1: Summit Outline

Get familiar with the possible formats of a summit, the potential duration of summits, the ideal number of presenters, and best days, the types of presentations, pricing, and agendas. We pose questions that will help you choose the best Summit format that works for your set of skills and goals in mind.

Kajabi Summit Funnel Map and Resources
Module 2: Kajabi Summit Funnel Map and Resources

Get the list of needed pages, sales opportunities, using Kajabi optimally for your summit, and backend automations you may need. This allows you peace of mind that you are aware that your technical work and sales funnels are clearly mapped out and ready for implementation.

Strategy for Managing Presenters
Module 3: Strategy for Managing Presenters

Have access to information to keep in mind when creating speaker contracts, forms, content ownership, expectations, affiliate payments, benefits, and deliverables, promotion, and meetings. After this module, you should have a clear understanding of the expectations of all parties involved and how you can benefit when cooperating with others in an organized fashion.

Summit Deliverables
Module 4: Summit Deliverables

Get the bird's eye view on the modes of delivery and deliverables. Learn about audio, video, graphics, meeting alternative learning needs, summit pitch decks, 2-tier summit deliverables and bonuses. Giving you a clear understanding of all the Kajabi product needs of hosting a summit.

Summit Wrap Up and Post Summit Offer
Module 5: Summit Wrap Up and Post Summit Offer

Learn about the redirection of pages, post-summit offers, wrap-up needs, payouts, and content recycling. Summit work does not end when the summit ends, the benefits are reaped after the summit. Giving you the information you need to plan the necessary steps post-summit with the end in mind to make sure you wrap up the summit smoothly and benefit the most from your hard work.

Summit Emails
Module 6: Summit Emails

Get a list of emails needs such as promotion, registration, days of, post-summit, offers, and presenter communication. So that you know exactly what types of emails need to be sent and when.

Summit Engagement
Module 7: Summit Engagement

Here we share ideas for the engagement of attendees, and presenters, and how to plan and encourage excitement and involvement. This will allow you to have some exciting plans and ideas in place for engagement and troubleshooting to make the attendee's experience as great as possible.

Live Summit Tech Set Up
Live Summit Tech Set Up

(Only for real-time video broadcasting summits) Learn about the requirements for live broadcasting, things like hosting platforms, filling dead air space, and a whole lot more. Allowing you to know the pros and cons of dealing with all the nuances of a live summit.

Embark on your journey to hosting a summit with this course.

Start Your Summit Hosting Journey Now

And Just Who Is Behind Spectacular Summit?

Larissa and Malva! 

I am Larissa Russell, an Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach and Healer. After running countless summits for myself and other experts, I have become known as the Summit Queen.

I love to be creative, expressing my creativity takes many shapes and forms. Summits are an amazingly creative and streamlined process of gathering other like-minded people together who want to join your community and grow with you.

For Spectacular Summits , I have teamed up with my good friend Malva Gasowski, a corporate trainer and coach who has also hosted numerous summits.

Hi, Lovely To See You Here.

I'm Malva. I am a born and trained teacher, enthusiastic about teaching others, young and old(er). As an entrepreneur I wear many hats where the common denominator is my true passion of supporting others on their journey of development. 

I have taken on every role connected with summit type events; from being the assistant, the speaker, the Master of Ceremony, the Summit Host as well as running summits for other people. 

Let's use Larissa's and my expertise about running a summit for your summit hosting journey.

Start Your Summit Journey Course


Unbelievable Value

  • 8 summit specific modules
  • over 60 lessons
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Disclaimer: We have customized this mini-course for Kajabi users, however, even if you are not a Kajabi user, you can still reap the benefits of the information we are sharing on hosting a summit.