Do You Want To Run a Spectacular Summit For Your Online Business?

Take the guessing game out of the equation. Run a summit with ease. Build your virtual summit stage and shine a light on your business.

Say farewell to slow growth.

Do You Want To Run a Spectacular Summit For Your Online Business?

Take the guessing game out of the equation. Run a summit with ease. Build your virtual summit stage and shine a light on your business.

Say farewell to slow growth.

Be Visible

Be Seen As An Expert

Generate Leads With Ease

Summits Are Everywhere, Let's Make Them Work For You.

a woman sitting at her desk watching an online summit

If you’ve been an online entrepreneur long enough, chances are, you’ve encountered invitations to a virtual summit as an attendee or a speaker.

You may have even thought about hosting your own summit.

Hosting a summit can help put your online business into the express lane!

Hold on!, but what is a summit?

A virtual summit brings together industry experts to reach an exponential amount of people while sharing knowledge that your followers want. Summits enrich what you, individually, can provide to your clients. Collaboration is the golden summit key. 

Showcase your business to new targeted potential buyers allowing you to build your know-like-trust factor, creating a shortcut to potential sales.

Are You Ready To Showcase Your Business To The World?

Building your virtual summit stage and shining a light on your offer sounds amazing. We know.

If you’re successfully selling a product, course, membership, or service you might be ready for more leads, sales, industry connections, and expert-status.

If so, then it’s time for you to consider hosting a virtual summit.

Don't do it on your own.

These are some of the issues we see when people try to create their own summit without expert advice.

  • They waste time on "reinventing" the summit wheel

  • Try to figure out all the moving pieces of this complex endeavour without much financial success

  • They leave money on the table while not understanding the summit flow or simply not having enough resources to help them

If you don't know where to start, this quiz is your best bet. 

"Are you ready to host a Summit?" Let's find out.


Hosting A Summit Can Help You Put Your Online Business Into The Express Lane! 

Imagine if you could...

Build Your List

Explode your email list with your perfect client base (ideal subscribers) while hosting a summit with many benefits.

Get Recognition

Establish your authority among other industry experts and potential clients without paid ads. 

Share Industry Best Practices

Get training from other experts in your field, share best practice knowledge and deliver the best learning content for your summit attendees.

Increase Your Business Visibility

Get hundreds, if not thousands, of viewers seeing your business and sales offer.

Connect With Your Ideal Clients

You could tap into an already established market of your ideal clients by niching down your summit offer to speak to potential buyers. 

Find Future Collaborators

Find potential business referrals with other entrepreneurs. Collaboration is one of the best ways to expand your businesses.

Doing One Thing: Running a Spectacular Summit

This type of event is a powerful marketing tool for both experienced business owners and those wanting to scale their online programs. 

And you can do it all without having to wonder where to start or what to do next.

Take this quiz to see your Summit Hosting Journey Starting Point.


And Just Who Is Behind Spectacular Summit?

Larissa and Malva! 

I am Larissa Russell, an Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach and Healer. After running countless summits for myself and other experts, I have become known as the Summit Queen.

I love to be creative, expressing my creativity takes many shapes and forms. Summits are an amazingly creative and streamlined process of gathering other like-minded people together who want to join your community and grow with you.

For Spectacular Summits , I have teamed up with my good friend Malva Gasowski, a corporate trainer and coach who has also hosted numerous summits.

Larissa Russell
Malva Gadowski
Hi, Lovely To See You Here.

I'm Malva. I am a born and trained teacher, enthusiastic about teaching others, young and old(er). As an entrepreneur I wear many hats where the common denominator is my true passion of supporting others on their journey of development. 

I have taken on every role connected with summit type events; from being the assistant, the speaker, the Master of Ceremony, the Summit Host as well as running summits for other people. 

Let's use Larissa's and my expertise about running a summit for your summit hosting journey.

We've Seen The Summit Magic Be Spectacular

Over the past few years, we have helped numerous clients run their summits.

What is more, we hosted summits for our businesses as well.

Here are some of the companies we have serviced:

Have You Taken The Quiz Yet?

Taking the quiz will help determine if you are ready to host a summit and give you next steps, if you decide you are.

So how does this work:

1. Take the quiz to help you decide if you are ready to host a summit.

"Are you ready to host a summit?" quiz will take you through 8 questions. Based on the answers you choose we will give you our best advice for your starting point to host a summit: from learning the key components, all the way to done for you.

2. Download our free workbook to help you organize your initial summit thoughts

The "8 Things you Need to Know Before Building a Summit" free workbook will guide you through the first steps you need to take to start thinking about hosting a summit. Grab a cup of your preferred beverage, and imagine us coaching you through the most important fundamentals of hosting a summit.

3. Choose how we can best serve you

We meet you on your journey no matter the milestone you are starting at. Our proven systems can transform you into a summit host in just 90 days. But we don't know how much assistance you may need. So how about you jump in and take the quiz and let us assist you in hosting your dream summit.

Download the Free Workbook :

"8 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Summit"

A desk with a computer, tablet, phone and workbook all showing the 8 Things you need to know before building  a summit free workbook

This workbook has the 8 important steps of building and hosting a summit laid out for you. It contains key questions which we coach you through, to get you thinking about how you want to build your summit. At the end of the workbook you will have your basic summit outline.

Grab your free copy to get started. 

Book value $47. We are offering it free to you in hopes of building a relationship. We want to assist where needed, giving you the benefit of our expertise.

Keeping Your Summit End Goal In Mind.

Our 8 Step System will help you overcome overwhelm and frustration all while keeping your goals forefront. Choose the best way we can help you bring your summit hosting dream to life.

Choose your preferred method of learning and let's get started...

Do It Yourself

Spectacular Summits Mini Course is an 8-part online course that breaks down all the pieces of creating a summit.

Done With You

Summit Strategy Calls or Summit Coaching Sessions will support you while you build your summit with our helpful approach.

Done For You 

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. At Spectacular Summits, we take away the frustration and confusion of summit creation. We create a platform for your business to effortlessly generate quality leads all while positioning you as the expert in your field.

It all starts here.


Here Is What Other's Say About Working With Us:

"Her approach to work, the energy she brings and her action-oriented approach are what inspire me most about her. So it was only natural for me to have invited her to be a speaker on the flagship course of my edtech venture, Go Lead The Future. From the word go, Malva was a thorough professional, easy to work with and proactively contributed with suggestions towards the initiative which was heartening. Her brilliance shines through...I am positive I will look for many such collaborations with Malva in the future as she epitomizes professionalism, value contribution and execution."

Vinee Ajmera

"I just want to tell you a little bit about Larissa Russell. When I tell you she's freaking amazing. She is freaking amazing, from one end to the other, her knowledge in Kajabi, her creativity as an artist, her passion for spirituality, and her love for helping people to succeed in a creative way, is awesome. Working with her one on one is a really special experience because you get to pick that brain. Her brain is so full of information that helps you to succeed and she just gives it so freely. So I would highly encourage you to work with her.

Cheryl Cooper