Insights from The Art of Digital Engagement Summit Panel Discussion

The Art of Digital Engagement Summit Live panel discussion brought together a group of experts who presented their insights on the first day of the summit. During the summit, these esteemed panelists shared their knowledge on topics such as:


🌟 "7 Ways to Automate Your Masterclass: Improve the Customer Experience While Increasing Conversion Rates" by Kelly Benton


🌟 "3 Steps To Building An Engaging Online Course - Using Kajabi & ChatGPT" by Cheryl Cooper


🌟 "Masterclass & Course Technology: Enhancing Retention and Referral Rates" by Jennifer Williams


🌟 "Behind the Scenes: Crafting Webinar Magic" by Larissa Russell

In this panel session, we delved deep into the realm of digital engagement with these experts, who generously shared their valuable insights and experiences.

Engagement in the digital realm has become more critical than ever before. It encompasses more than just content creation; it's about nurturing connections, fostering learning experiences, and ensuring that participants are actively involved in the process. As aptly put by Jen, "Engagement means always checking in to see what they need, ensuring they have the necessary resources, and making changes if required."

In this blog post, we will explore the key takeaways from this enlightening panel discussion and discover how educators and course creators can enhance engagement, leverage technology, and provide an exceptional learning experience.

Creating Touchpoints: Holding Participants Accountable

"Creating touchpoints is akin to holding your clients accountable for consuming what they signed up for," mentions Jen, emphasizing the importance of keeping learners engaged throughout their educational journey. This accountability goes beyond delivering content; it means checking in with participants, whether through emails, communities, or live calls.

The Power of Experiential Learning

"One of the biggest challenges of not having any experiential aspects to your course is that you're really leaving customers behind," warns Kelly Benton. To truly engage learners, educators must go beyond standard content delivery. Experiential learning in the digital world requires scheduling calls, creating communities, and offering various engagement options to mimic the hands-on experiences that traditional classrooms provide.

Personalization through Automation

Kelly Benton highlights how automations can create a database of your customers and make engagement more personal. By using data-driven automation, educators can tailor the learning experience to individual needs, increasing the chances of learners completing their courses successfully.

Gamification for Retention

"Gamification can encourage learners to complete the course and retain information," notes Jennifer Williams. Gamifying the learning process, whether through badges, access to instructors, or discounts on products, can make the educational journey more enjoyable and rewarding, thus boosting engagement.

Simplifying with All-in-One Solutions

Our panelists emphasize the benefits of using comprehensive platforms like Kajabi. These solutions offer a streamlined approach to course creation, communication, and engagement, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth learning experience for both educators and students.

Planning for Success

As Jennifer Williams aptly states, "Planning a user experience and engagement strategy is vital for educators to create successful courses and foster learner success." Setting clear expectations with students upfront about course requirements and milestones is essential to ensure their active participation and successful learning outcomes. Cohorts and community engagement within courses can help foster participation and create a sense of accountability among students. Personalized communication and reaching out to students individually can help maintain engagement, especially when students may be facing challenges or life events.


In a world where digital engagement plays a pivotal role in education, the insights from The Art of Digital Engagement Summit serve as guiding principles for educators and course creators. Balancing personal connection with automation, leveraging gamification, and employing all-in-one solutions can transform the learning experience and help students achieve their goals. Ultimately, teaching can still be highly effective when supported by evidence, case studies, and a student-centered approach. As our panelists have demonstrated, engagement is not a passive process—it's an active commitment to the success of every learner.

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