The Strategy behind Shining a Spotlight on your Business

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At Spectacular Summits, we often talk about strategy behind actions. One of the strategies we discussed this year is being Speaker Submission-Ready.  Are you ready?
Being Summit Speaker Submission-Ready opens up a world of opportunities and benefits for aspiring speakers like you.

Here's why being prepared to submit your speaker proposals is of importance before you submit to be a speaker at any online event:

1. Seize Opportunities:
Online summits, conferences, and events happen frequently across various industries and topics.
Being submission ready ensures you can quickly apply for speaking slots as soon as these opportunities arise. 
Speed is often essential in securing a spot, especially for popular events with limited speaking slots. Putting off the submission process, or doing it in phases can only cause frustration and a negative experience for you as a summit speaker and for the hosts.

2. Establish Credibility:
A well-prepared proposal showcases your expertise and professionalism to event organizers.
It establishes your credibility as a knowledgeable and reliable speaker, increasing your chances of being selected. 

3. Expand Your Network:
Once accepted, speaking at events exposes you to a wider audience and industry professionals.
Networking opportunities with fellow speakers, attendees, and organizers can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable connections.

4. Enhance Visibility:

Speaking engagements boost your visibility within your industry and beyond.
Exposure from these events can attract new clients, customers, or followers, expanding your reach and influence.

5. Boost Confidence:
Successfully securing speaking opportunities enhances your confidence as a public speaker.
Each successful speaker submission and presentation further strengthens your skills and self-assurance, making future engagements even more impactful.

6. Share Your Message:
Being submission ready allows you to share your unique perspective, insights, and knowledge with a broader audience in a strategic way. Make sure your summit speaker opportunities are part of a speaking strategy to enhance your skills and your business.
Your message can inspire, educate, and influence others, contributing positively to your field and community.

7. Professional Development:
Engaging in speaking events provides a platform for continuous learning and growth.
Constructive feedback from audience interactions and event evaluations helps refine your content and delivery style.

8. Monetize Your Expertise:
Speaking engagements can lead to paid opportunities, turning your expertise and insights into a source of direct or indirect income. The more you speak the more eyes you have on your business.
Many events offer speaker fees, sponsorships, or revenue-sharing models, allowing you to monetize your knowledge.

9. Promote Your Brand:
Speaking at industry-relevant events enhances your personal and professional brand.
It positions you as a thought leader, attracting attention to your business, blog, podcast, or other ventures.

10. Inspire Others:
Your experiences, challenges, and successes can inspire others who resonate with your story.
By sharing your journey, you motivate others to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.

In essence, being speaker submission ready empowers you to take the first step to making a meaningful impact, growing professionally, and contributing to your field. It is the gateway to a world of opportunities where your voice can influence, educate, and inspire others. So, polish your proposals, hone your skills, and get ready to share your insights with the world!

In case you need a quick refresher, here's a recap of what you've learned during the Speaker Spotlight Course, your gateway to becoming a compelling and impactful speaker.

Crafting Your Unique Voice (Day 1):
On the first day, we explored the intricacies of crafting bios that captivate, selecting the perfect social media links, and seamlessly integrating them into your website. We emphasized the power of an impressive profile image, a visual representation of your expertise that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Perfecting Your Presentation Title (Day 2):
Day two was all about unlocking your unique voice. We delved into selecting captivating signature talk titles and creating compelling descriptions for your presentations. You learned strategies to stand out from the crowd, ensuring your message resonates deeply and lingers in the minds of your listeners.


Aligning Your Message (Day 3):
Insights on aligning your offerings with your business objectives took center stage on the third day. We discussed seamlessly integrating your presentation with your business goals, empowering you to identify the most suitable speaking opportunities for your expertise. This alignment ensures that your message is not only impactful but also strategically geared towards your professional objectives.

If you haven't yet watched and implemented all the teachings from the Speaker Spotlight Course, don't worry! Click the button below to catch up and ensure you're fully prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead.

>>Get Speaker Submission-Ready<<

Remember, the stage is yours. Let your voice resonate, and let your expertise illuminate the path for others. We believe in your potential and eagerly anticipate witnessing your success on the summit stage.


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