Introducing the "Start Your Summit Hosting Journey Mini Course"

planning to host a summit?

Are you considering taking your online business to the next level? Intrigued by the idea of hosting a summit but unsure of where to begin? We've got something exciting to share with you.

Introducing Our "Start Your Summit Hosting Journey Mini Course"

Have you ever heard that hosting a summit can be a game-changer for your online business? It's true, but we understand that the process might seem overwhelming. That's why we've created this mini course, to make the journey into summit hosting more accessible and less daunting.

Why Consider Hosting a Summit?

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business, finding unique ways to stand out is essential. Hosting a summit can be a powerful tool to enhance your connection with your target audience. It's a chance to move beyond slow growth and explore new avenues for your business.

However, we know that the idea of hosting a summit can be intimidating, especially if you're new to it. This course is designed to demystify the process and help you turn your summit aspirations into a reality.

What Will You Learn?

Our mini course is a guided exploration through eight modules, each carefully crafted to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully host a summit. Here's a glimpse of what you'll discover:

Module 1: Summit Outline - Explore various summit formats, presenter numbers, and pricing strategies to find the approach that aligns with your goals.

Module 2: Kajabi Summit Funnel Map and Resources - Understand how to use Kajabi effectively for your summit, from optimizing sales funnels to streamlining backend processes.

Module 3: Strategy for Managing Presenters - Learn the ins and outs of creating speaker contracts, content ownership, and fostering productive collaboration among all involved parties.

Module 4: Summit Deliverables - Gain insights into the various elements required for a successful summit, from audio and video to valuable bonuses.

Module 5: Summit Wrap Up and Post Summit Offer - Plan your post-summit strategy, covering everything from page redirection to making the most of your content.

Module 6: Summit Emails - Master the art of crafting effective summit-related emails, from promotion to communicating with presenters.

Module 7: Summit Engagement - Discover strategies to keep both attendees and presenters engaged and excited throughout the summit.

Live Summit Tech Set Up - For those considering real-time video broadcasting summits, get insights into technical requirements and tips for a smooth event.

Alongside these valuable lessons, you'll receive transcripts, a workbook for taking notes, and lesson-specific checklists to keep you organized and focused.

Meet Your Instructors

Led by two experienced professionals in the summit hosting realm:

Larissa Russell - An entrepreneur, international best-selling author, speaker, artist, coach, and healer. Known as the Summit Queen, Larissa brings creativity and expertise to every summit.

Malva Gasowski - A trained teacher, entrepreneur, and corporate trainer with extensive experience in various summit roles.

Start Your Summit Journey

The "Start Your Summit Hosting Journey Mini Course" is your opportunity to take your online business to the next level. Say goodbye to slow growth and open the door to the potential of a well-executed summit. By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence and skills to embark on your own summit-hosting adventure.

Join us on this educational journey, and let's turn your summit dreams into reality!

Ready to begin your summit hosting journey?

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Download the Free Workbook :
"8 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Summit"

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This workbook has the 8 important steps of building and hosting a summit laid out for you. It contains key questions which we coach you through, to get you thinking about how you want to build your summit. At the end of the workbook you will have your basic summit outline.

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