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Welcome to

The Art Of Digital Engagement Summit

Explore Effective Strategies And Techniques for Elevating Your Business Through The Art of Digital Engagement On Online Platforms.

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woman standing in business attire excited to be registered for the Elevate Your Kajabi Business Summit

Welcome to

The Art Of Digital Engagement 


Explore Effective Strategies And Techniques for Elevating Your Business Through The Art of Digital Engagement On Online Platforms.


Learn from Leading Experts and Elevate Your Engagement, Amplify Your Impact

The summit focuses on providing proven advanced strategies and tactics for engaging your clients in the online space to create a bigger impact in your business and achieve long-term success. It is time to invest in your growth to serve your clients in an improved manner with your digital engagement.

Invitation from the Summit Hosts 

Dear Friends,

We're thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the upcoming Art Of Digital Engagement Summit. As hosts, we believe that the power of digital engagement is limitless ‚Äď it's a tool that can reshape industries, connect communities, and drive positive change.

This summit is more than just a gathering of minds; it's a transformative experience designed to empower you with actionable insights, innovative strategies, and connections that last a lifetime. We've carefully curated a lineup of expert speakers who are ready to share their wisdom and guide you toward mastering the art of digital engagement.

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About The Summit

The Art Of Digital Engagement Summit ‚Äď the premier event designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to master the world of online engagement.

This is your invitation to join us on a transformative journey that will reshape how you engage, educate, and empower your audience on the Kajabi Platform.

By attending the summit, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • learn from the best in the field as they share their secrets to successful digital engagement
  • gain practical, actionable strategies that will elevate your online interactions
  • become a part of a community dedicated to making a difference through digital engagement
  • ask direct questions to sought after Kajabi Heros and Kajabi CEOs
  • discover the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of online engagement
people working on online engagement in their course
people gathered together to watch presentation from the Art of Digital Engagement Summit

The summit's immersive experience will leave you inspired, connected, and equipped to create meaningful impact through enhanced digital engagement.

You'll walk away feeling:

  • inspired
  • motivated
  • supported
  • equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed on the Kajabi platform.¬†

Get ready to take your digital presence to new heights, connect with a global community, and inspire real change.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate the engagement with your online business

People planning engagement for students

Get ready to to revolutionizing your digital engagement strategies

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Delve into the intricacies of sculpting immersive workshops for an unforgettable learning experience

  • Explore the art of forging connections that resonate.

  • Amplifying Voices in the Digital Age

  • Discover the potential of podcasts and live events to amplify voices, bridging geographical boundaries and fostering genuine engagement.

  • Mastering the Art of Virtual Engagement

  • Dive headfirst into the world of webinars, mastering the art of captivating virtual interactions and fostering an authentic community.

  • Designing & Delivering Powerful Online Courses

  • Unravel the secrets to crafting and delivering impactful online courses that leave an indelible impact on learners.

Be part of a dynamic and engaging event with thought leaders and experts from around the world


The Art of Digital Engagement Summit, we believe in the power of webinars, courses, podcasts, and live events to create meaningful connections and transform lives

Get ready to absorb wisdom from a lineup of exceptional speakers who will share their invaluable expertise. From game-changing strategies to cutting-edge techniques, this summit promises to equip you with the tools you need to excel in the Kajabi world.

Take a look at the presentations that will unlock your true potential to scale.

Woman excited about a course

Crafting Experiential Learning in a Digital World

selected3 Steps To Building An Engaging Online Course - Using Kajabi & ChatGPT 

Cheryl Cooper

Masterclass & Course Technology: Enhancing Retention and Referral Rates 

Jennifer Williams

selected7 Ways to Automate Your Masterclass: Improve the Customer Experience While Increasing Conversion Rates  

Kelly Benton

selectedBehind the Scenes: Crafting Webinar Magic  

Larissa Russell

Bonus: Watch the Panel Discussion

The Panelists answer these questions:

  1. Have you gathered feedback from students regarding their experiences with digital learning? What have they found most valuable or challenging?
  2. Can you provide examples of specific automation strategies that have been particularly effective in improving customer experiences?
  3. What strategies can educators use to create engaging digital learning experiences that incorporate experiential learning principles?
People recording engaging content for Kajabi courses

Amplifying Voices in the Digital Age

selectedCrafting a Storytelling Funnel Using Research and a Story Arc To Create Cohesive Messaging and Aligned Offers  

Susie Hines


The Top 3 Reasons Why Courses Aren't Effective (And What To Do Instead!)

Steph Woods


Beyond Basics: Advanced Kajabi Strategies For Coaches 

Christina M Hooper

Captivating Webinars: Unveiling The Art Of Engagement

Malva Gasowski

Bonus: Watch the Panel Discussion

The Panelists answer these questions:

  1. Can you share an example of a successful project or initiative related to your topic, and how it impacted the audience's engagement or learning experience

  2. Could you provide insights into strategies or approaches that have proven to be universally effective in addressing the challenges people have with engagement?

  3. In the context of your expertise, how can professionals effectively personalize their content and offerings to better connect with their target audience

  4. What are the fundamental elements or principles that contribute to engaging and effective communication with your audience taking into consideration email overwhelm that some people experience

  5. How can professionals balance the delivery of valuable content with the need to maintain audience engagement and interaction throughout their presentations or courses?

Engaged Participants taking part in Kajabi courses

Mastering the Art of Virtual Engagement

Beyond the Course: Crafting Unforgettable Digital Course Experiences For Success And Growth  

Chelsie Hayes

selectedThe Dream Client Difference: How To Get Pre-sold Dream Clients Knocking On Your Door Without Using Pressure Marketing

Joey Ragona


Course Creator's Kickstart: Ditch The Overwhelm And Get Started With Confidence And Clarity

Kate MacGregor

selectedHow To Design an Engaging and High-Converting Webinar (so that Your Audience is Left Wanting More) 

Tim Peakman

Bonus: Watch the Panel Discussion

The Panelists answer these questions:

  1. With the increasing use of virtual platforms, how can businesses effectively tailor their virtual engagement techniques to different demographics and cultural backgrounds to ensure inclusivity and participation from diverse audiences?
  2. What are the key strategies for creating an engaging virtual environment that keeps participants actively involved and motivated throughout online sessions?
  3. Could you share examples of successful virtual engagement campaigns or events that have significantly impacted audience participation and how the strategies employed in these cases can be adapted by other organizations?
  4. What are the fundamental elements and creative techniques that can transform an ordinary webinar into a compelling experience, ensuring not only high engagement but also leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next session or interaction?
Woman delivering an engaging course online

Designing & Delivering Powerful Online Courses

3 Steps to 10x Your Online Course Sales

Aaron Jaeger


Gamify Your Courses: Happy Students Means A Happy Bank Account

Bastiaan de Koning

selectedHow To Deliver HUGE Value And Upsell Within Your Online Courses 

Ant Hodges

Bonus: Watch the Panel Discussion

The Panelists answer these questions:

  1. In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, what emerging trends do you foresee that might significantly impact online education and course creation, and how can course creators adapt to stay ahead in this dynamic environment
  2. Collaboration and community-building often play a pivotal role in the success of engagement in online courses. From your unique expertise, what are some effective strategies for fostering a sense of community among online learners, and how does this community engagement translate into better course sales and student satisfaction?
  3. How can course creators strike a balance between maximizing profits and ensuring accessibility and affordability for diverse learners? Are there specific pricing models or strategies that you recommend for achieving this balance?

Brace yourself for an incredible opportunity to enhance your expertise across multiple areas of online engagement

bonuses at the art of digital engagement summit

That's not all. There's more!

In addition to immersing yourself in the transformative teachings, take advantage of these invaluable resources that will accelerate your success. 


Kajabi CEO, CPO and Director answering your questions

Engage in an Exclusive Q&A Panel with Kajabi's Visionaries - Ahad Khan (CEO), Sean Kim (CPO & President), and Allie Fernando (Director of Brand Experience). Get answers to your most pressing Kajabi engagement questions from the forefront leaders themselves.


Bonus: Watch the Panel Discussion

The Panelists answer these questions:

  1. How has Kajabi's vision evolved to enhance student engagement over time?
  2. Can you share insights on upcoming Kajabi features that will further enrich the student learning experience?
  3. What strategies or tools within Kajabi can creators use to keep students actively engaged in their courses?
  4. How can course creators leverage Kajabi to create immersive learning environments for their students?
  5. What tips do you have for creators to ensure a seamless and engaging brand experience for their students on the platform?
  6. How do you see Kajabi contributing to the future of online education by fostering student engagement?
  7. Could you share any notable success stories of creators who have achieved exceptional student engagement through Kajabi


  • Kajabi Power Tips Course and Strategic Business Academy Bonus Resources

  • The Getting Started on Kajabi checklist

  • Learn My Stupidly Simple 5 Step System To Generate An Online Revenue Stream

  • The Perfect Video Sales Letter Formula

  • Official Kajabi Gamify Lite Training

  • 9-Part Sales Page Framework

  • Funnel or Course Audit
  • Preparing checkout
  • Courseology Foundations: Set the foundations to kick off your wildly successful course
  • The Perfect Video Sales Letter Formula

  • Official Kajabi Gamify Lite Training¬†
  • Kajabi Sales Funnel Checklist

  • 8 Steps to Planning a Successful Sales Funnel

  • Free Kajabi Website Template

  • The Traffic Workbook

  • 3 simple steps to kickstart your course creation workbook

  • Beyond the Basics Workbook For Advanced Kajabi strategies

  • 90 Day Course Launch Checklist

  • Free Strategy Session with Aaron Jaeger
  • 6x Badge & Certificate Packs for Gamify Lite & Pro
  • The Perfect Sales Page Video Walkthrough, Kajabi Template, Wireframe and Guide

  • and more...

Join us at the Art Of Digital Engagement Summit and embark on a path towards greater influence, deeper connections, and lasting impact.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking event.


What people are saying:

"The Art of Digital Engagement Summit was an investment in my knowledge and skills that paid off tenfold! The speakers were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing their expertise. I gained invaluable insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping digital engagement. The interactive workshops allowed me to apply what I learned in real-time. I highly recommend this summit to anyone serious about excelling in the digital space." Mary

"Fantastic! The Art of Digital Engagement Summit exceeded my expectations. The sessions were not just informative but truly inspirational. The diverse topics covered catered to various interests and levels of expertise." Mark

"Wow, that was awesome. Well Run Panel Discussion. I loved the questions that were asked So many takeaways."  Xenna

"I'm loving short and sweet lately - snack size. Fabulous summit, so many quality speakers, and you asked great interview questions. I really like the strip things away and keep it simple message. Also to really tune in on the target customer." - Cheryl

"I am so happy I bought the VIP ticket. The bonus and VIP gifts from each speaker were an unexpected treat, providing me with additional tools and resources to excel in my business. This summit was a game-changer, I wish I had known all the golden nuggets when I first started.  Now I keep the end goal in mind. I know the work that I need to put in to scale my online business, but at least I have a plan now. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!" Steve Woller

"Attending the Summit was a game-changer for me! The knowledge and insights shared by the speakers were truly invaluable. I can confidently say that this summit took my business to new heights"  Malyka Lambert

"It was really nice to have everything all in one place. The speakers provided an incredible roadmap for organizing and structuring my courses thinking about the students' success."  Karen Zyng

How to Take Part in The Art Of Digital Engagement Summit?


How to Take Part in The Art Of Digital Engagement



VIP Experience Summit Ticket


Extended Access with Additional Gifts

  • One-Year Unlimited Access to Summit Presentations.¬†No more FOMO! Enjoy the freedom to replay, rewind, and relish every moment of all summit presentations for an entire year. Absorb the knowledge at your own pace and refer back to these game-changing insights whenever you need a boost.
  • Engaging Panel Discussions.¬†Be a part of riveting conversations where industry leaders, experts, and disruptors discuss the burning issues of the day. Our panel discussions are not just informative‚ÄĒthey're transformative.
  • Speaker bonuses¬†(valued at $1800).¬†We've gone the extra mile to provide you with exclusive material that you won't find anywhere else!
  • Speaker VIP gifts¬†(valued at over $4000).¬†Imagine receiving a treasure trove of resources from our esteemed speakers‚ÄĒonline courses, premium webinars, personalized coaching sessions, and much more! All designed to accelerate your success.
* Kindly note that the availability of speaker gifts is subject to their discretion.

Although we geek out a little with an online platform called Kajabi


You can still reap the benefits of the information we are sharing

And Just Who Is Behind The Elevate Your Kajabi Business Summit?

Malva smiling in a black top
Malva Gasowski
Summit Creator, Certified Project Manager, Certified Kajabi Expert, Master's Degree in Pedagogy.

I am a born and trained teacher, enthusiastic about teaching others, young and old(er). As an entrepreneur I wear many hats where the common denominator is my true passion of supporting others on their journey of development. 

I have taken on every role connected with summit type events; from being the assistant, the speaker, the Master of Ceremony, the Summit Host as well as running summits for other people. 

For this Summit, Malva Partnered with...

Larissa Russell
An Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Coach and Healer.

After running countless summits for myself and other experts, I have become known as the Summit Queen.

I love to be creative, expressing my creativity takes many shapes and forms. Summits are an amazingly creative and streamlined process of gathering other like-minded people together who want to join your community and grow with you.

For this summit, I have teamed up with my good friend Malva Gasowski, to create a transformational summit for those ready to improve the Art of Digital Engagement. 

Larissa in a purple shirt

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your online presence and create lasting connections

people standing in business attire excited to be registered for the Art Of Digital Engagement on Kajabi Summit

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A Special Thanks To The Summit Partners

Are You Finally Ready to Elevate Your Strategies to Captivate, Educate, and Empower Your Audience?